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Exceed D19 honest review.
Hello, dear users of Joyetech Social. Today I want to join almost everyone here and tell you my opinion on Exceed D19.

I will compare this device to eGo One and eGo AIO, since D19 is a completely new starter kit from Joyetech.
My Exceed is Dark Orange. I also saw and held the silver one and the black and white one, but I picked the Orange. This color is very deep and rich, from some angles it looks like leather accessory.
The device itself is very small, it looks even smaller because of full-glass tank. The battery is 1500mAh and can work in two modes: direct output and constant voltage. Indication is very clear and stylish. From the package you will have another spare glass in case you will break pre-installed one.
[Image: KjdPAjGVyj8.jpg]

Atomizer is designed well, it features a very easy refill and a very versatile and percise airflow control. The flavor is very rich, I have tried EX 1,2 and EX 0,5 and they are performing greatly. My favourite is 1,2 MTL coil - it suits the device well, battery will last longer and it's more suitable for people who want to switch. Purchasing this starter kit will show you the benefits of vaping, but if you looking for the same capabilities, but bigger battery - you should buy Cuboid Lite. D19 can act as all-day rounder and a vape that is always with you. I like the new devices very much and I hope that more people will switch to vaping with these products. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.
[Image: z0_TE7mMpv4.jpg]
[Image: banner1.jpg]
[Image: logo2.png]
Nice review CrazyBasil! 微笑

I love this little thing.

I wrote a mini review too:,37375.msg1281556.html#msg1281556

[Image: OASyh94.jpg]
I really love the Exceed D19! the 1.2 coil last me a good 2 weeks of chain vaping! never a dry hit,never a leak and the 1500mAh last me all day too!I do wish the pain was like the paint on the eVic VT though!!! Best paint ever in any mod I've owned is the original eVic-VT! Awesome pics crazybasil!
微笑  smoke free since January 2014 ?微笑


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