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Battery Charging Question evic primo 2
(10-25-2017, 04:53 PM)anindya Wrote:  Hi everyone

I have a few questions on charging batteries on the device. Now I have ordered an external charger but it hasn't arrived yet. In the mean while I am using a iphone 4S charger 5V --> 1 Amp to charge the device. My question is when it's full charged does evic primo 2 show full charged? because I was a bit afraid of overcharging the batteries so whenever the battery goes to max I shut the charging process. the charging sign is still on that time. Any help will be appreciated.



You will be fine with the way you are charging it. I charge eVic primo se with a 5v 2amp charger. As for the full charge i think it just stops flashing with nothing on the screen. I have not payed to much attention when i charge mine lol becuse it charges so fast :p the down side to charging at 2amps it will shorten the life of a battery. I would suggest to use the external charger, they normally use a low amp like .5amps to charge. It will take longer but will give you more life of the batterys. With that all said both ways are acceptable and you will be fine using the 5v 1amp. also just like my primo se the eVic Primo 2.0 applies two sets of battery protection circuit system, over-charging and over-discharging, which makes it safe and reliable


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