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Forum suggestions.
"General rules for all vapers! Read it first!" and "New members introduction" are constantly getting swarmed by spammers and scam content. Maybe we can make this forum closed for posting untill the user is verified by answering some simple questions via email? Like, we are all here for some communication, brief introduction via the email should be no problem. Sending e-mail to a moderator on a special address and moderator verifying a single person sounds kinda easier than deleting spam all day long. Some spammers just keeping quiet and have spam directly in their profile. Also, maybe remove thread checks for those who has 20+ reputation? It's not many of us here, I believe everyone knows each other =)

Also, I guess direct promotion of the forum will get it flooded with spam, so... Idea for Joyetech. Why don't you put some graphical cards into your device boxes, with Instagram, FB page and this forum address beautifully printed on them? Like, you opening the box and the first thing you see is that beautiful letter with "Thank you for purchase, you can visit our pages." Here, I made the example. I think it will be a very nice touch to your customers and bring this forum some attention.
[Image: qRykZIxwSAk.jpg]

Then, you can add some additional info to the profiles like "Current device" and stuff. And maybe give some reputation boosts for legit serial numbers of the purchased devices.
[Image: banner1.jpg]
[Image: logo2.png]
(10-21-2017, 04:25 AM)Vapeoholic Wrote:  
(10-10-2017, 09:18 PM)Crazybasil Wrote:  

What a brilliant Idea 微笑 I would second that  酷
Not a bad idea could even have a one time use code for the joyetech social site to keep spamera out


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