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Review: EKEE & ProCore Motor
It looks like a Key, It won't open your car doors! I believe it looks somewhat like a key is how it got its name.
This is a lightweight, portable device that is easy to carry and quite technologically advanced. The color TFT display is easy to read. It comes in an attractive package and would be a great present for your friends who desire to quit analogs. The battery of this device is more of a quick charge computer that can even track your nicotine intake.
[Image: GPzN6K5.jpg]
I weighed the device with E Liquid and and it weighed in at about 204 Grams, or about 8 Ounces.
[Image: 3zXv3G2.jpg]

The ProCore Motor Delivers fantastic vapor and flavor. The top cap flips up for easy filling. Once you put on the included high capacity glass and extended chimney the Motor will hold 4.5ML of your favorite e liquid. I L心VE the flavor and vapor of the DTL ProCore C1 which was included with the device along with several other spare parts.
[Image: nEm9CF4.jpg]
The tank (Motor) comes pre assembled, just install and fill the tank, and enjoy.


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