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Russian Minzdrav e-cig ban 2018.
Greetings Basil, I travel to Russia regularly and like you am concerned about this so thanks for the heads up.

I haven't tried to enter the country with a vape kit yet... this makes me nervous about doing so.

Please keep us in touch with progress on the campaign.

A question for you as I am unable to find out elsewhere, is CBD banned in Russia? I can't find any documents about it.

I couldn't quote in reply to your post, I probably don't have the privileges on the forum.

Basil said "Hello, we here in Russia are ready to face an e-cig ban issued by government organization Minzdrav. It's an absurd in many ways, here, take a look at what will become with vaping in Russia. From May 15th, 2018 the following will take an effect .... "


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