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Russian Minzdrav e-cig ban 2018.
just glad I'm not in Singapore 生气 生气 生气
微笑  smoke free since January 2014 ?微笑
Good grief, that's a draconian and very badly thought out law.
Can't believe that. Vaping saves lives. Stop these bans.
(02-14-2018, 04:13 AM)william760 Wrote:  Can't believe that. Vaping saves lives. Stop these bans.

Big people are loosing big money, nobody in the Gov cares about us. Tobacco brings taxes, brings very big income, makes you ill and you won't live for long. That means, they won't need to pay you money when you will be old, won't need to pay your medical bills. It's economically profitable to make people live less.
Brand manager at Vardex, Russia.
Same in UK Basil, vested interests in the tobacco industry have too much to lose, so they lobby the law-makers.... any kind of democratic decision is impossible.
Why nana product that is helping grrr makes me angry
No Matter How You VAPE
Choose Your Style And Be Very PROUD
of The Fact That You No Longer Smoke


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