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eGo One TFTA honest review.
[Image: QqyCqeFlgXs.jpg]
Joyetech were the ones who set me free of smoking with their eGo One Mega. I had it for ages and now one of my friends have mine. I bought this one as soon as I saw it and was not disappointed. It's a very nice cigarette, suitable for having a little bit more nicotine. It will never leak, the button is perfectly upgraded, but the real star here are ProCL coils. They can easily handle even the 70/30 liquids and have a very nice TH. I use this device with 6-9mg nicotine when I need a quick fix and don't need any clouds. I can easily recommend TFTA for those seeking a little bit higher nicotine intake, stealth device or for those who want to quit smoking. This device is good.
Cons - it's a very fragile device, top cap is easily destructed. Paint job can be damaged too.
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