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LED lights.
Seems to be a trend now with all those flickering beautiful devices with interior LED lights. I got myself one of the latest 200w mods with LED and it's really beautiful at night time. It's pretty fun to play around with vapor and LED's. Maybe Joyetech will consider one of those, based on Primo 2.0, like Primo LED? Will be fun to see. 大咧嘴
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(08-19-2017, 05:06 AM)Vapeoholic Wrote:  I think they make the mods look cheap lol
I'm more of a plain mod fan why would you want one that flashes all the time ?

Nightlife only. I love flashy mods every now and then, specially for photos.
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I'm not a fan of flashing lights and bright colors on mods. That's really a great way to add more fuel to the fire for the "Save the Children" anti-vaping squads.
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