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Do the survey to win FREE samples! Joyetech CuAIO/CuBOX kits Survey and Reward
(06-09-2017, 08:57 AM)Anastasia Liu Wrote:  
(06-08-2017, 02:58 AM)bey1012 Wrote:  A1: the size of both look great not to big and not to small. I like to use smaller devices when I'm in public in normally use the bigger ones when I'm at home.

A2: childproof system is pretty good idea. Also don't have to worry about the cap opening when it's in your pocket

A3: I prefer direct-lung but there are times where I still Vape mouth to lung like with my ego AIO

Have more color options exp: green  大咧嘴
Also what is the lowest ohms that can be used on the CuBox I see the max out put is 50w . There should be some kind of a recommendation on what to be used if somebody is not using the Cubis 2. If there is I did not see it.
I shared this to my Facebook微笑

Hi bey, we recommend to use 0.6 ohm head,it can create great vaping experience of nice taste and vapor cloud. The Cubis 2 is best matching of the CuBOX.  害羞

Q1: How do you like SIZE of the two kits? What’s your ideal e-cig size?
The CuAIO and CuBox kits are really small and compact starter kits. We made it easier to master and more convenient to take out.

A1: I like bigger mods like the Smok XCube the smaller ones don't have enough punch behind them.

Q2: What do you think of the dual child proof system? Do you like its way for e-liquid filling ?

A2: Child proof is a fantastic idea. These are not something you would want kids into.

Q3: For mouth-to-lung inhale and direct-lung inhale, which one do you prefer?

A3: I like Direct inhale


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