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Joyetech Preheat function survey
Dear fans,

We've added the Preheat function for most of Joyetech devices. It allows you to fire at a higher output for a few seconds to warm up. Thus you can get a better flavor with it.
However, it's unable to see whether the preheat function has been turned on or not when we use it normally.
Thus we decided to make a slight modification as follows:
When the preheat function is on, the wattage icon backgroud will be turned revered as you can see in the photo.
How do you like this modification? Help us to finish the poll first.
Also, should you have any ideas please feel free to make comments. Any valueable suggestion will be appreciated.
If it is really awesome, we may adpot it. Then you'll get a free Joyetech device as a reward.
Let's brainstorm!

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