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VT Software to Upgrade Cuboid TAP
(07-03-2017, 08:14 PM)Kindler Wrote:  Hello!
I'm about to update software on Cuboid Tap. I'm running software updater on virtual machine (host is Linux), and sometimes there are problems with the update due to multiple USB reconnections. Before updating, I always check to see if there will be an option to perform emergency recovery, as described here:
I've tried to connect Tap with pressed + button (without batteries), but it never boot in recovery mode, it just starting as usual.
Is this workaround not working for Tap?
[Image: pgRQWbr.png]
Thanks in advance!

As long as the TAP boots you have succeeded in updating the device. check the updater program with the device plugged to the pc to see the version of your device. I don't know if pressing the touch + works on the tap.
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(07-04-2017, 01:30 AM)CosmicTruth Wrote:  As long as the TAP boots you have succeeded in updating the device

I didn't update it. First I want to check if the "recovery mode" is available here 微笑
As I wrote earlier, time at time I face some errors during update under virtual machine with Windows. Some my boxes (Pico 75 and VTwo Mini) can't be updated successfully, they are became "semi-bricked": black screen, no reactions on buttons / USB connection etc. Only workaround with pressed "+" button on connecting to PC did the trick, then I can re-flash them and return to live.
So it's already a habit: if I can put my new box in this mode, I can upgrade firmware without any issue afterwards.
Tap is the first box that I can not persuade to do so 大咧嘴


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