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[Free to test] Joyetech CUBOID TAP!
Dear all Joyetech fans,

Upon the launching, we decided to offer TWO sets of CUBOID TAP kits for our Social fans to test.
It's totally free!
Terms and conditions:
1. For new users, please read the forum rules first
2. Make comments under this thread
3. Show us why we choose you to test, like how long have you been vaping, what devices you've been used etc.

We'll announce the final two fans here's on next Monday.
Share to invite your friends to come!
Good luck!

[Image: cuboid-tap-01.jpg]
I really like the look of this set up. It's got cool colors too.
I guess I should also mention I have been vaping about 5.5years and currently use a cuboid 150 with the 200w upgrade as well as an eVic mini with a cubis.
I'm very keen to try this device and recommend to all my friends and see how it differs from your previous devices. I've been vaping for over 1 year and specialize in and only purchase joyetech products. I own egrip2, aio pro, pro c, evic vtc, vTwo, vtc dual, cuboid and cuboid Mini and just ordered Primo Mini. 5 Cubis pro tanks, 2 ultimo atomisers and the new procore aries. Go joyetech!
Well I have been vaping for so long now I can't remember when I started lol my first joyetech product is the delta II it was my go to tank way back then ? then I got the cubis tank that I still use every so often but not so much only because I use my AIO now. The AIO is a grate device when I don't want to lug around my RX200 with RDA 微笑 I Have been in the market for a new tank and 2 battery device 微笑 I have had my eye on the Predator and pharaoh tank but due to unexpected necessities needing to be fixed thus taking from my vaping funds they are on the back burner. So I would love to test the new CUBOID TAP tho i do see there is one con.....there is no GREEN one lol i know it can be done there is a yellow one and blue one. so i know joyetech has the 2 colors to make a green one 舌 . I really would like to test the tap function 微笑 and curious if it will Auto fire if put in a pocket? So think this all i have to say for now and I'm glad that joyetech social is back on track 微笑 also wondering if there is going to still be a star of the month i never got to be one 微笑 微笑 微笑
I started vaping about 6 years ago on a e'go, after the e'go I bought the joyetech evic, and then I new that smoking was in the past.
After the Evic came the Evic supreme with the Delta c3, a mod and tank I was realy happy with, the Delta c3 with the triple coil is by far the tank I've used most.
After the Evic Supreme I have used Evic VTC/Evic VTC Two and the Cuboid.
Tanks are Delta ll /Cubis/Ornate/Ultimo/Unimax.
And the Ornate is my favorit by now.
Smoked for 10+ years but haven't had a cig in over 2 years because of my Cuboid! And although I am only a light vape user now I would not think of using any unit other then a Joyetech setup. And have to give extra praise for the Ultimo atty! And the new Cuboid Tap has so many amazing features built in to it that it just might make my neighbors Tesla go into heat. Just hope it will get along with my current Cuboid. Don't want to have to Tap on the downlow. 脸红
welcome our new fans.
I love my Cuboid, Cuboid mini and Primo family  眨眼
I've been vaping for two years.
I love the look of the Tap. It has a very nice design with innovative features and I would love the chance to test it. I feel that I would be a great choice as a tester for the reasons below.

I have been vaping for a little over 2 years
I am a big supporter of Joyetech
I have many different devices including 5 Joyetech models
I have been a contributing member of this forum for 1 1/2 years
I have experience with devices ranging from Starter Kits to high end Mods and Atomizer
I work in the consumer electronics industry and have a great understanding of technology and manufacturing
“Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times.”  - Mark Twain


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