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Firmware V2.0 for eVic-VTC Mini
Dear all,

Yesterday, Joyetech just released the new firmware V.20 for eVic-VTC Mini.
This time we redesigned the layout, after carefully considering all the designs by our dear customers. We really appreciate all your kind support for the screen designs in Joyetech Social.
With V.20, you can notice all the parameters you need directly from the screen, which is comprehensive, cool, and convenient to use.
Most importantly, it enables Stainless Steel, that is Temp SS, to be used with eVic-VTC Mini.
Have you ever tried the new version? Check it out:
What do you think of it?

Thankyou Kermit,

personally I will use v1.3 as I do not wish to see Time & Puff Counter on the screen.

I have 3 VTC Minis and all updated to v1.3 quickly and without any trouble.


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