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eVic Series As regarding ohm-drop case
Yesterday I met a case of ohm-drop on my eVic VTC mini, my GS tank NI coil droped form 0.15 to 0.13 ohm. Suddenly my vaping is turned to less vapor production. So I checked my setting and was curious about the reason. Then I tried to use a original atomizer eGo one Mega, which reads correctly at 0.2 ohm (NI), and 0.41 ohm for Ti head.

Therefore I guessed my ohm detecting is working normally, a idea pushed me to detach that NI coil. Then guess what I saw, the coils stands irregularly, some part keep distance staying too closely, some staying very far, it is obviously that my coils got 0.13 ohm just because got short on partial part. This makes sense to explain ohm drop happens.

Before my personal case, I also read Kanger subtank users had same feedbacks on ohm-drop.

Solutions or suggestions:
1. If you are using a regular coil, please change. Or to improve temp. value and power setting, but if dropped too much, it doesn't workable, vapor production still comes less or nothing.
2. If using a RBA or RTA, need check coils again, make sure coil stands in regular size. Subtle change would bring a ohm change to TC mode.
3. I kindly advise factory release a new firmware to firmly lock ohm value in order to avoid negatives of connections or conductivity factors.

Have a good day! Thanks and vaping on happily!

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