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New Firmware Version 2.0 is out
Hi all

New Firmware version has been released with Stainless Steel support and a brilliant new screen.

Here is the link for the firmware

There is also a 1.3 Firmware in the package for SS support and if you dont like the new screen you can just install that.

[Image: P1090813.jpg]
eVic VTC Mini & eGo ONE Mega VT Atomizer Tank

[Image: ?banner=12926]
Thanks Madboy.
Wow, cool! SS mode and new screen, I like it.

(please, please, please, I hope this also may have a tweak for TC mode so that it works for us less fortunate souls...?)

Installing now! Gotta build a TI coil...
Does it matter which SS wire we use?
I see different types of SS wire SS 316 - SS 317 ect
aww snap. Kermit you're a legend mate
New layout is good. Reminds me of some old conky configs.

All SS is close enough to use the same TCR except for 430. Out of curiosity, which TCR did you use? 316 or 316L

304 TCR in vaping range 1016×10-6
316 TCR in vaping range 880×10-6
316L TCR in vaping range 879×10-6
317L TCR in vaping range 940×10-6
430 TCR in vaping range 1380×10-6

Seen most people post they are using 316/L at the moment

I've read a few times that setting the TCR slightly higher is o.k. too
900x10-6 or even 1000x10-6
All but the lines look great, really impressed with the new screen!
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I would still prefer the time on Hours:Minutes: Seconds. So my screenshot would look like 00:00:08 if that was enabled.


eVic VTC Mini & eGo ONE Mega VT Atomizer Tank

[Image: ?banner=12926]
New screen is amazing!

Doesn't solve TC though. :-( Anemic hits. Titanium, single coil, 0.28ohms. It does seem that the resistance on-screen doesn't change as much as it used to, but the problem is still there. Works for a second, you ramp up the temp and watts...eventually you're sitting at 75W and 600F, the mod is cool, temp reads 90F but it still won't fire the coil. Immediately hits temp protect. You can blast it with liquid nitrogen, it will ramp up in temperature too quickly and fold.

Oh well, maybe SS is better?

(11-05-2015, 03:51 PM)vapinghexe Wrote:  All but the lines look great, really impressed with the new screen!

I like the lines, makes it look like a scientific chart or something!
Updated to 2.0. As far it is ok. Ni200 TC works fine.
We'll see.
Have any of you any idea what kind of SS should we use?
(11-05-2015, 02:29 PM)Kermit Wrote:  Thanks Madboy.

Thanks for the notice buddy.(fastboy)
Even Kermit can't post this quick. 舌
Now I have to get meself some SS wire.

Looks like this put Joyetech at the very top. Thumbs up!
When can we see competition winners custom design screen? Christmas??

心JOYETECH - NO:1 Ecig brand 心


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