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Screen died! :(
Hello, good afternoon!
Unfortunately, 3 days ago I had an issue with my JoyeTech EVIC-VTC mini. Suddenly, the screen turned (almost) off.
Was possible to see the letters on it, but it was very very weak, but one day later, the letters gone.
When I turn it on now, the screen led turn on (with no letters displayed  on it) and is not possible to do anything.
IT WORKS, it vapes, make smoke, but the screen is gone.
Is possible that the screen hardware had crashed? someone can tell me if is possible to buy just the screen for replacement?

Ps* is not possible to update firmware cause NO ONE PC recognize it. I plug it on and the update software don't recognize the mod. (testes in 8 different PCs, and 4 different cables, included the original one).
Images attached to you guys understand and maybe help me 悲伤

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WoW I have 2 eVic minis and have never had that happen! hope you got it fixed! I cant believe no one replied to you on this! sorry I'm no help to you 悲伤
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Have you tried to lift the centre pin without any atty attached or maybe lift the pin right out and that way if it lights up you know its a short in the 510 causing the problem.
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Who did you buy it from? Who distributed this? Might wanna ask him to swap another?

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