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Worked out some kinks and wanted to share
Hello Everyone,

I bought my eGo AIO just 6 days ago.  I have never had anything like this before as I was a cigarette smoker.  I have had some kinks but worked them out and wanted to share. I would like to say that the vape store setup my eGO AIO for me... mistake!

On my second day of usage I took a drag as usual only to find that the vapor burned my throat.  I'm not sure if this is what people call a dry burn or not.  It was an intense, sharp, painful, eye watering, coughing drag.  There was no flavor and it wasn't what I would call burnt.  I stopped in the vape store and they changed it out for me (using a 0.5ohm coil).  Two days after that it did it again. I went back to the store and they changed it out again (using a 1.0ohm coil).  After driving home I tried the new coil and it acted the same way!  I started scouring the internet for help.  

Now to the part that has helped me....  Make sure you prime the coil correctly!  Which did not happen both times with the guy in the vape store.  I watched a video on you tube that joyetech made.  After placing 5 drops of e-liquid on the new coil and screwing it in you need to take 3 to 5 drags on it WITHOUT pressing the fire button. By placing the drops of e-liquid in the coil AND taking several drags it will make sure the coil has enough e-liquid in it to operate correctly.  I found that having a 1.0ohm, 0.5ohm or 0.6ohm coil doesn't make much of a difference for me as long as it's primed it correctly... so I use the 0.6ohm coils that came with it.  Also, I slightly unscrew the coil once I have it screwed it on.  I'm not sure why this works but it does.

Even after priming the coil correctly I've noticed that I can still occasionally get that intense, sharp drag.  After some trial and error I found out that it's SO easy to fix this! Simply unscrew the top, lift the top just slightly and screw back down.  When I do this it releases a lot of bubbles (maybe the bubbles interfere with the coil somehow?) and then it goes back to vaping correctly.

If you are getting gurgling, popping sounds while inhaling, simply pull the mouthpiece tip out and use a cotton swab to remove the excess e-liquid from the bowl.  You might have to do this a second time as I did but it does resolve the gurgling, popping and (sometimes) spitting issue.

I hope this has helped!


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