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New Vaper... Going through coils left and right!
I bought my first vaping device Saturday night (4.5 days ago). The guy in the store set it up for me and primed the coil. By Monday night I had burnt through my first coil. I went back to the store and they changed it out for me. Now it's Thursday morning and I have burnt through another coil. I take a few hits off it every few hours and leave it upright in between usage. They guy in the store said these coils should last between 7 and 10 days... I am averaging about every 2 days!!! I am ready to take the device back to the store for a refund as I cannot afford to buy coils every 2 days.
I had the same problem. The 2 coils it came with lasted for about 4-5 days each than I started going through 1 every day or day and a half. Well this is what changed. I had watched a Youtube video on how to puff when vaping which caused me to start taking slower draws and as a result the wick was getting burnt up faster. Taking faster draws and don't have the air flow valve closed up to much and you should get longer out of your coils. The reason is I the coils don't have adequate holes for the liquid to get to the wick and when you draw faster than you help draw more liquid to replace what is being burnt off.
Hopefully Joyetech will remedy this and put 3 holes on the sides to help with wicking.

Lets us know if this solves it for you. So far I have gone though 3 tanks without replacing the coil since I started taking faster draws like I did when I first switched to vaping.


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