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VT Software to Upgrade eVic-VTC Mini
The vape can work well and include this type information, like the logo displays now after a delay the device could show puff time, total usage time in hours minutes seconds, and possibly could show quit since and saved $ based on information the pack per day and cost per pack the user had input. more the better, and would need just a fire button tap to show the normal screen in case the user wanted to tweak the settings. but would need to work like normal if the user pressed the fire button to use the device (of course). alternately this could be shown on a splash welcome screen when the device is turned on. So then the device would show Welcome and version information, then after a delay show the total puff information, total time, quit since, and saved yuan/dollars/euro. But if you press the fire button the device fires. In my opinion there would need to be a longer delay like about 15-30 seconds before displaying that type information.

(06-13-2016, 03:32 PM)vapormaker Wrote:  Right, all the vaping factors should be around vaping quality and joy.
Now the market even has touch screen mod, I saw many people showed their interests on that stuff.

Technology is cool, this is the computer age. So if a device is technically advanced we flock to it. eVic VTC mini doesn't have a touch screen but it could easily have a splash screen, so don't forget us with the older devices as you bring forth the new ones 微笑

and one last suggestion, add a button to the update firmware program to save the device configuration settings and puffs-puff time so it could be saved to the device after firmware update? Now it starts back at 0, and the power is at 75W if i update.


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