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temp protection kicks in on an instant!
Ok after small talk on another thread...
and carefully discussing it with other users

we are having an issue definitely!

temp control kicks in immediately
and the sad part aboiut it is sometimes its random
but more often it starts when your device goes to sleep...

so here how mine usually happens.

i set everything right according to the manual.,
build my coil,
check with a seprate ohm meter,ohms out about 0.12 ohms

since its titanium its not dry fired so its room temp.
i turn the device on,
press fire to "recalibrate"
screw my atty in (sometimes it comes up with the new coil prompt sometimes it doesnt)(this happens like the manual said if the new coil is higher than the previous one)
lock resistance ideally it should be ok right?

i set mine @480

but no,
i start the fire button temp goes up 390-400-480 in a matter of seconds,no vapor no nothing

how to fix????

i tried not locking the resistance,vapes ok,.
then give it a rest,
then it does the same thing!


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