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eGo ONE CT/VT Launching and Giveaway!!!
(09-29-2015, 04:27 PM)Kermit Wrote:  Dear Customers,

Joyetech just launched two new members of the eGo ONE family——eGo ONE CT and eGo ONE VT.

eGo ONE VT is the first eGo-style VT device, supporting VT-Ti/ VT-Ni/ VW mode in three different levels both in terms of watts and temperature.

Equipped with Joyetech Constant Temperature technology, eGo ONE CT, presents you with CT-Ti/ CT-Ni/ CW (Constant Output) mode in five fashionable colors for your choice.

For more details, please visit:

Now, here is the Giveaway!!!

Tell us which one do you like best? The eGo ONE VT or CT? And the reason?

Invite your friends to join our social, we'll always surprise you!!!

I love the VT for it's versatility. If i was taking a long trip I'd prefer to be able to vary the temperature setting to allow the batteries charge to last longer than the CT. Thanks for the giveaways!
Thanks all and congratulations to the winners. 微笑
Wow I checked facebook right on time, I had totally forgotten I entered the contest and I won! I sent you guys my info on facebook. For the "choose a side" I pick VT. Thanks!!
congrats 微笑
I know the contest is over but here we go:

I believe both are similar devices in their basics.

Of course VT also has control temperature circuit build in, but adjustable in 3 settings.
Of course the VT has the higher rated battery.
And the VT has auto-coil selection.

Am I right? That's why the VT costs a little more.

So what would I choose? The VT. On top of the above it is 22 mm diameter. I could swap the tanks in between my eGo Mega and my eVic VT mini.
VT is better 眨眼
TC because it is bigger and has more power to last longer when out and about
VT it is better for me because of the pkwer


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