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eVic Series eVic VT with Ego One Mega Tank... No Taste
Hey guys,

Get the Titanium or Kanthal CLR coils, they have much larger juice holes and the flavor is better. When the taste goes, just open them up and insert new cotton. They are also very easy to rewire with Nickel, or Kanthal. I still have not found a store selling Titanium...

(09-04-2015, 12:19 PM)gtp20 Wrote:  I'm just doing a search for new coils, wondering if that will solve the problem.

Anyone able to explain to me the difference between the coils?  or a link where I can read about them.

When doing a search for new coils I have come across 4 different options.  Ti and Ni, also Ego One CL coils (with black rubber bands instead of red or blue) and rebuildables.  The Ego One CL coils show 1.0 and .5 ohm.  depending on a lung or mouth inhale.  

What are the best settings to use if I buy the Ego One CL coils .5ohm?


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