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Your expectations for the next eVic line
We just launched a survey on FB concerning the next eVic line the other day.

Lots of customers got involved in it.

They mainly focused on the battery, color, upgrades...

What do you think? Any expectations for the next eVic line?

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I missed it, but put in my input in the later post just to have an opinion on the matter 舌

Basically I would want 100w+, temp control, and removable dual 18650's. Color choices of the eGrip would be easily translatable to the new eVic series as well. The design of the eVic-VT is still very unique, so please don't think that a literal "box" is the way to go. Oh, and upgradable firmware is a given - all devices with a USB port should be upgradable. Stay unique, stay innovative, and stay classy, Joyetech!
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i did the survey 舌 but i know i would like something that would last and simple to use. i do feel like mods have been coming out to fast by the time i buy one a new and improved one comes out, so a mod that could be upgraded and last years would be nice 微笑
Aft the eVic VTC mini, maybe a eVic VTC Dual 18650 batt?


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