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International friendship day activity
A life without a friend is a life without a sun.
We value life and we cherish friendship. To celebrate International Friendship Day, Joyetech initiate a three-day activity with 2 eVic-VT given away.
One winner will be chosen, wining the two eVic-VTs, one for himself/herself and the other for one of his/her friends.

We will release the winners as long as you:
1) Make a wish for your friends;
2) Share with us one of your pictures taken with your friends;
3) Invite one of your friends to join Joyetech Social and tag him/her.

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Happy friendship day.This is my friends .

I wish my friends knew…just how much they mean to me! 眨眼 箭头

[img][Image: franci.jpg][/img]
I would love to win for my son Josh & I. My wish for him is a long & happy life. He hasn't had it easy, but he has handled his struggles well. We started out as vaping partner on September 25, 2014. We love to vape & share our knowledge & talk about all things vape related. Still going strong for almost a year. Josh Venable you need to join Joyetech Social.

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cool, friends are always the most important to us 微笑 haven't got pictures in my new tablet lol. 天使
your chances, guys 大咧嘴
Real friends are always going to be there by your side, even at times when you tell them to leave... Friends are like stars. You can’t always see them, But you know they are always there for you… Thank you, Joyetech, and my vaping friends Kateřina Matyášová Roman Matyáš Ivana Markovičová Radim Schumi Snydr Tomáš Tvardek Ivo Hvězda Markéta Matyášová Dittmarová David Dittmar for the chance even I won't be probably a winner... ;-( Invitation of one my friend to join Joyetech social sent via Facebook...

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Hello Joyetech. This is my best friend for 35 years Annamária Sučanská  心  Happy friendship day for all!! I wish you all the happiness in the world  心  I invited my friend to join Joyetech Social 微笑

[Image: 9bXwxJ2.jpg]
este es mi grupo de amigos desde hace mas de 10 años que hoy mas que amigos los considero mi familia Bubu Molero Diego Zamora Leonardo Gómez y muchos mas !!!

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I wish for all my friends all around the world, to have peace and tranquility for friendship day.
Here is a selfie, my friends is their over my shoulder.


tag @trinhanh 眨眼  Your it!
My other friend couldn't get past the bot protection during registration.

(07-19-2016, 10:30 PM)Joshuaml Wrote:  I just received word I will not be able to attend the training session. I have to be in Chicago for work on the 25th all day Sorry guys...

Hope your back by the Aug 7th, It's INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP DAY!


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