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do the survey and win a prize!!!
I really enjoy my Joyetech devices and the great community on this site.

That being said GREEN, DARK GREEN!!!
not that 70's nail polish green.
From a Mind of Metal, Flowing Electrons

Please Rate...

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nice survey, good way to find the best user experience! hope i win 舌
Thanks for the chance
(08-18-2016, 02:28 AM)Morrismr Wrote:  Congrats man, I just fed my babies and was going to include this years prize in the pic, but you beat me to it

Do not click the link on this users signature, its malware.
Moderators please delete the user Morrismr 's post and remove the malware site link in his signature.
this is just an old thread bumped by Morrismr so he could post a virus in his signature (7/7/2015)
Pretty Cool thing, like it very much
Thanks for the chance to win !!


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