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How's your family's opinons on your vaping?
When you start vaping, how's your family member's reaction?

Did they support you or something?

Any changes to your family? 眨眼

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(05-06-2017, 02:30 PM)Vapeoholic Wrote:  My mom has being brill really interested in what vaping is always asks me about it . My brother is a vaper himself so we are always talking together - my sister still smokes cigarettes even though I have told her vaping is healthier My dad moans that I'm using it all the time lol he says that I'm using it in places where I did not smoke . I have tried to explain to him that I'm not smoking and I'm not going to just stand outside like I used too . When I have vapemail his first comment is More Oil ? Like oil it's not oil lol ? I hate it when he says that . So I have mixed opinions when it comes to my family 微笑

Anyone else get these kind of comments ?

I bought the eGo ONE for my father two years ago. He was kind of interested into it. But he was also very used to smoking. And now, that eGo ONE stands still on his desk lol困惑
My family was very supportive I have got many people to quit smoking & start vaping. I got my older brother to make the switch also. Unfortunately I can not make my father or younger bother to do it
Well they all thought I was crazy when I first started but they did agree I smelled better 微笑 after over 3 years they just accept it but my granddaughters still think I'm crazy mainly because I'm so obsessed with my mods and always taking pictures of them and waiting for vapemail lol As much as I have tried by buying my 5 sisters(yes all 6 of us girls smoked but not my 3 brothers) vape pens as Christmas gifts I was not able to convert any of them! Converted my hubby for about 2 months but he likes his cigarettes way too much! I still get ''thats worse than smoking'' / "them things will kill you" / "when are you gonna quit that" yada yada yada . I used to explain the differences and all that but got tired of it so now I mostly say "well it works for me" and just keep sending them all the fact sheets that they may or may not read! 无法决定
微笑  smoke free since January 2014 ?微笑
My family is just happy that I don't stink anymore.
“Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times.”  - Mark Twain
My parents prefer it over me smoking cigarettes. I don't smell of burnt tobacco

I still am as considerate as I can be. Trying not to blow in people's faces and doing it outside, even in my own place if I have guests over.
(07-03-2015, 11:26 AM)Kermit Wrote:  When you start vaping, how's your family member's reaction?
Did they support you or something?
Any changes to your family? 眨眼
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I have many grandchildren, and in order to avoid being a influence on them, I hide my vaping. I know right? vaping isn't bad so why not tell them? I think if they start vaping they may want to smoke ciggs, MJ, Crack, H and everything. So this person you know here is just my alter-identity.
I'm really old and started smoking when I was really young. Back in 65, I was about 7, ciggs were glamorized in flintstone commercials, and even my western heroes smoked.
My wife (Mrs Truth) she vapes right along with me, he have our own little cloud and trick competitions and have a lot of fun with our new hobby.
Our vaping (my wife and I) started because of family. Our oldest son and his wife were smokers just like us and for all that matter his little brother. At thanksgiving in 2013 he asked us if we would be good with them all pitching in and getting us our first vape set up. Him and his wife had recently started and were finding it easy to quit smoking by vaping.
My wife and I talked it over and decided that if nothing else maybe we could cut down on our smoking and save a little money, be healthier, live longs and not stink up our clothes. We told them sure we'd give it a try

So On Christmas day we got our very first gear two ego's and two MT3 tanks. The kids sat with us and showed us how to fill them and charge them. we tried all kinds of juice they brought with and we love it. Over the next few weeks our smoking became less and less until on Feb 25,2014 I just didn't smoke. I normally got up in t he morning made coffee got a cup a smoke and went outside on my patio to smoke. That morning and every morning since then it's a vape and it doesn't matter where. On March 15,2014 my wife did the same thing. Since then we have gone through many types of mods and tanks but neither of us have ever had a smoke since the day we quit. Now I make all our own juice we vape some very unique and wonderful flavors and my Doctor says my lungs sound like those of a man that has never smoked.
(07-13-2017, 07:13 AM)GPC2012G Wrote:  <clip>

What a great story you have! Congratulations to you, your wife and family.

Here is a Custom "GPC" Logo for you.
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With quit year...

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Due to heavy propaganda in my country my parents have started to over-react in the past few months. I quit smoking myself using a eGo One Mega somewhere two years ago, but my father didn't like the idea. But my wife is happy and no one in her family have something to say against vaping.
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