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History matters
You must be quite familiar with Joyetech eGo series now. But how much you know about the eGo thread and 510 thread?  天使

What is the relationship between them?

Today, Joyetech presents you the origin of 510 thread and eGo Thread.   微笑

Explore the history as follows, also you may click the attachment to view the full pic and write down your feelings.  眨眼

It could be a legendary!  大咧嘴

The Origin of 510 and eGo Thread

In the e-Cigarette industry there are mainly two types of atomizers, 510 threads and ego threads. The differences are the 510 threads are on the inside of the connector, while the ego threads are usually on the outside of the connector. These two standards have been established among vapors of the industry, from amateurs who just started to advanced hobbyists. But who, when, and how has been the topic of the industry.

Speculations have said that the 510 threading comes from types of battery size, or thread height, thread pitch, or even M7 x .5. We are here to answer your questions on how the 510 standard really came about.
In December 2008, Joyetech R&D Department, led by chief engineer Shiping Yao, launched a new type of electronic cigarette supporting both automatic and manual models, and named it as 510. The name of the 510 has no relative meaning other than a lucky number. With the popularity of 510, its thread became a iconic symbol, which other manufactures look up to as a standard of manufacturing up to now.

Now that we cleared the rumors for the 510 threading, how the eGo threading came about? Well to simply put it, in October of 2009, based on 510 e cigarette, Joyetech decided to push boundaries and increase a larger battery capacity. With a larger battery we needed a larger housing and hence the eGo rudiment was developed.

Subsequently, in meeting customer demands, Joyetech designers, with professional attitude, further increased battery capacity, embellished overall streamline and improved device performance, to widely popularize the First eGo in e-cig market. And the thread, which was to match with the modified appearance, has dramatically been another industrial standard——First eGo thread.

The eGo series from joyetech not only is known as the first vape of most vapors but also the most trendiest symbol of the e Cigarette industry. Joyetech’s passion has always been the drive to push innovation boundaries, with the company culture of Joy Life with E Technology.

The next time you pick up a vape and visits your local vape shop. Ask them if they know the history of the 510 threading and eGo threading.

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the best always comes form simple thing which brought us a beautiful vaping life.
i have been planing on getting a m7x .5 tap and die. i am working on a mod that i think no one has done yet and it might be a first of its kind. and it is cool to know the Origin of 510 and eGo Thread. i have been wondering for some time 微笑
(06-16-2015, 01:56 PM)Geo Wrote:  the best always comes form simple thing which brought us a beautiful vaping life.

That's it. We'll wait and see what's gonna happend next. 眨眼
At that time,ego 510 is very expensive iun here the genuine one, two ego kits cost about $75-80. Per kit.
Can't afford that so I tried copy ego cost about $9 pet kit. ☝


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