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What's your a must have Joyetech product?
(05-19-2017, 03:50 AM)Ludomand Wrote:  The Ornate clearomizer is my must have, and I allready got it but with the TPD in eu, the coils will be hard to get.
So now I will have to decide if the next must have should be the Atopack Penguin with the 8.8 ml cartridge, or the Procore Aries witch is also coming in a 2 ml TPD version, but with the same coils as the 4 ml version. Or both of them

Decisions, decisions, yep your right, get both of them. And look at + ULTIMO 微笑
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As a newbie to vaping and only having the Penguin SE I am still reading up and learning about other products. I will admit though the more I look at the eVic Primo SE in Silver, the more I really like how clean it looks. My only fear is I know nothing about sub-ohm kits except for what I have read so not sure whether to bite the bullet and get one. But damn it looks sooooo good lol
I am usually a higher wattage Direct Lung Vapor (currently 100W+) with that said my must have is my original eVic VT in Cool Black
it well used but still in great condition. This is my must have for one big reason
this is the device that got me off cigarettes over 2 years ago even if it ever stops working it will forever be with me to remind me of the one of the best decisions I ave ever made in my life!
(10-25-2017, 09:27 PM)Dilating Pupils Wrote:  <CLIP>

Joyetech invented vaping 眨眼. If you don't believe me Anastasia me and several others can tell you there history. from pens to what we have today. I have my eye on the Ocular C. The best way to do is buy the most expensive Joyetech device kit you can find.
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