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The Year of Vape
Word of the Year

Every year the Oxford Dictionary picks through the vast amount of new vocabulary created within the past year. And yes, "Vape" was chosen as Word of the Year 2014.

Maybe you still didn't realize that but your e-cig in your pocket really matters. It is changing your daily life, your friends around and even the community. You guys made it Word of the Year.

Joyetech will continuously make efforts to let you enjoy your vaping with our latest technology.

So show us your equipment and introduce it to your friends.
And if you still smoke the real cigaretes, come on, try an e-cig of Joyetech. It won't let you down.
and I would like to say ''VT'' will be hot in 2015...:-))
(06-10-2015, 12:44 AM)Vapeoholic Wrote:  Brilliant  大咧嘴

I will be able to play scrabble now and use the word Vape lol

I mainly use your products so when i'm out and about and have people ask me what is that where did you get it from . I always direct them to your site 微笑

Would be Good If You did Vendor cards so I could Give them one of those 微笑

That's very kind. It's indeed a good suggestion. We'll take it into serious consideration.
Thank you again bro.


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