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eVic VT with RBA base
New suggestion, since eVic VT has the ego one mega atomizer, what do you think about an RBA base? A base to be rebuilt , not the CLR atomizer heads, a complete kit includes delta 2 RBA with a temperature control wire for example?
Hi, friend, thanks for your suggestion.
The delta VT is available. Please check:

And we also supply the VT RBA spare part, which includes one Ni heating wire, one Ti heating wire and organic cotton.
I have the eVic-VT and eVic-VTC. I have used the Delta II with both, but I find it harder to rebuild with nickel or kanthal than with the CLR coils for the Ego Mega. I also find that with the bigger juice holes on the CLR coils, they make the Mega superior to the Delta II IMHO.

I have also tried the Kayfun Lite Plus II, what a waste of money that was... not as good as the Delta or the Mega...


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