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eGrip version II
As a seller and a user , I have some ideas about the new version of eGrip
1- charge port should be on the side instead of bottom, so the user can charge while it is standing up, like eGo one
2- a replaceable battery will be a good Idea
3- the dial has no indication for the current watt setting, lets print numbers and let the user know the current watt, just like the eCom mega.
eGrip is the best device i used together with my Ego one.

Up to 30w with subohm rba would be cool too
but no replaceable battery i like the inbuilt alredy.
the dial could use some change but no idea at this moment.
Maybe a cap for charging port so it can be waterproof i use tape on it so i can clean the tank without having to worry.

Or else the design as it is is alredy awesome
So far I really enjoy my Egrip. Everything needs improvement to someone somewhere. That is what makes vaping so interesting
Because I can vape only 5-6 hours with my E-grip (1500mAh), I wish a bigger battery inbuilt (min 2500mAh) or a replaceable battery.
(03-19-2015, 04:04 PM)degady64 Wrote:  Because I can vape only 5-6 hours with my E-grip (1500mAh), I wish a bigger battery inbuilt (min 2500mAh) or a replaceable battery.

I have to agree with this post, minus the replaceable battery! Just received my EGrip, compliments of Joyetech. I can already see that this battery isn't going to last very long with me, so, this would be a huge improvement. Also, I'd like to add that with the RBA Base and 510 adapter for testing your RBA build, this little powerhouse would easily fetch $60-$65, retail!
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Vapemail just came today with my eGrip. In hand, the device itself laying fine. The size is just perfect.... For a box mod. With a built in tank, it's just hard to get used to it. If this would be a simple box mod, this would be my favorite one. Sorry to tell You about this Joyetech, but I'm thinking about replacing the wires and build a 510 connector on the top of the eGrip and use it as a standalone 20W mod. As a compact/full/all-in-one device it's too short for me. I hope that there will be a box with the same shape and materials from Joyetech. 微笑
My first mod was an eVic. 微笑
What about an XL version of eGrip? Do you think it is a good idea? Something Like ego one and ego one Xl?
I love my eGrip but I would like a longer battery life
Appreciate for your suggestions. We will report to our R&D department. So go on!
I absolutely love my egrip as is! Use mine everyday! 微笑
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