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ESPION Infinite with ProCore Conquer review
So I have to say I've had this for 3 weeks now and the battery life is amazing (4000mAh high drain 21700 cells). I have been getting about 2 days with the ProCD (0.15ohm) head. And the coil so far has lasted me a week and a half. I also got lucky and they sent me the green one which is my favorite color.
It has a nice build quality to it having a nice sturdy feeling in the hand. The fire button has a nice tactile clicking feel to it when pressed. Now the up and down buttons are poorly placed constantly have to try to clean the juice out of them. They are also difficult to press when adjusting the voltage or navigating the menu settings. That's especially true when you have a 30 mm RDA on it. My Buddha RDA looks really nice on this and it's nice that I have a mod that can fit it. Also as the name suggests Having the tunnel light effects are pretty cool. comes in handy when I'm trying to look for it especially at night and there have been a few times I've misplaced it. You can change the effects in the menu or double press the fire button and you can scroll through the different settings.
The placement of the micro USB charge port is also nicely placed, allowing me to charge while I'm driving and I can set it in my cup holder in my car. I also hardly ever charge my batteries in my separate battery charger. It's nice that the device charging capabilities have improved over the years.
The Espeon Infinity also comes with the ProCore Conquer tank. And is very similar to other bubble style tanks. The only cons with this tank is if you're trying to clean it or replace the coil it has protruding tabs around the top and bottom and our kind of sharp. Also the top and slide open if it's in your pocket or just trying to clean it. However I do like the way it looks and performs. 
Now if you do decide to purchase this there are two types of Packaging one with the batteries and the other without the batteries included. And from what I understand it is up to the seller if the batteries are included. So I would suggest to read what's in the packaging when looking to purchase this device.
Good information, nice text review of this device. Thank you.


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