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eGrip has arrived
the tiny giant

hi, folks, my eGrip arrived a couple of days ago (thanks, Joyetech for the opportunity), but i decided to test it a little bit before giving my review about it. the first thing i did was to order an rba head and a case - i like to take good care of my devices.

now, the device is a lot more than i expected, even with the prebuilt head. i say "even with", because it is one of the worst heads i have ever encountered. first i tried it with my favourite regular 50-50 vg/pg liquid, and it just could not cope with the thickness. it kept on giving me horrible burnt taste after the 3rd 4th inhale. with a thinner liquid it performed well, but in this case it started gurgling. annoying, again. although i have a good amount of experience with either prebuilt heads and rba's, i just couldn't figure out what was wrong. probably it's the design - of course, this is MY opinion only. BUT: as long as i did not chainvape, and used it around 1o watts, it was okay. flavour was good, no gurgling, vapor production was also decent. for such a tiny and compact device, it is near outstanding.

then everything changed drastically when i put the rba head with the preinstalled wick inside. as i'd expected, flavour improved a lot as well as vapor production. still, the gurgling reappeared sometimes. so i took the preinstalled wick and wire out, made one of my own with 0.3 mm A1 kanthal wire and Japanese organic cotton. the gurgling persisted. then i took a good look at the rba section, and noticed that the wick gets the liquid from 4 holes. two of them on those sides where the cotton wasn't reaching. so i stuffed a little cotton there, and that solved the problem.

the filling method is versatile, i like that - it can be filled either through the fill hole, or at the bottom, of course, after taking the head out. the lack of the numeral wattage markings (only the 2o w position marked with numbers) does not bother me at all, since i adjust all my devices to taste.

in conclusion, the eGrip appears to be a revolutionary, little, lovable stealth vape device to me. i just love tiny vw devices, at least i prefer them to cannon barrels 微笑 and i encountered not one single device so far that would fit into my idea of tiny better than the eGrip. with the rba head installed and figured out, it has been my number one device for two days so far. i guess, if the battery was replaceable, i'd say it would be my nr.1 device for a long period.

thanks again, Joyetech for the opportunity!


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