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Locking resistance issue on VTC Dual (SS mode)
(01-07-2017, 08:07 AM)Murray B Wrote:  
(01-07-2017, 07:20 AM)pi-xel Wrote:  [...] My problem is however, that after unlocking I cannot lock another base resistance that is close to the one previously locked. [...]

Sorry I did not make my previous post more clear, pi-xel.  The lock symbol does not lock anything and the value of the displayed resistance is always the current value.  The locking process only seems to copy the current resistance value to memory and there is no way I can find to read what that number is after it is stored.  It does not matter though as long as the value is "locked" while the atomizer is cold.  I think of the lock symbol as signifying that the value has been copied to memory and locked there as a constant.

Isn't the currently stored / locked resistance value the one that shows when short-pressing the fire button at 21° C / room temp? And at least on my device the display does not always show the current resistance: whenever I enter the submenu in which I can change power etc. it shows the resistance at which I have last pressed lock / store, which often differs from the current reading outside that menu.

I am on the latest firmware 4.04 btw. (that afaik corresponds to 3.04 on Evic VTC Mini).


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