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eVic VTC Dual very rarely doesn’t fire - broken or normal?
I’ve been using the eVic VTC Dual with the Ultimo tank for a little over three weeks now and while it is an amazing device I absolutely love, there is one annoying thing happening that I fear might mean my device is broken, would be great if someone else who owns the VTC Dual can tell me if he noticed this as well or if this is only happening with my device, meaning that I should return it before it gets worse.

Sometimes when I press the fire button, the device doesn’t fire. No error message, the screen turns on, but it doesn’t fire, there is no vapor. It only starts working on the third or fourth try and then it keeps working perfectly for hours or usually days. Sometimes, the counter that tells you how many seconds your current puff lasted resets a few times during the puff, as if I had let go and pressed the fire button rapidly a few times during the puff. These two things happened extremely rarely so far, in this 3+ weeks of all day use I have only noticed it about a dozen times. So far it has only happened right after I changed the batteries or when the device has been standing without me using it for 30 minutes or so. Could be that I just missed it at other times of course, but I tend to look at the display after nearly every vape and then I would have seen if it would have only shown a puff for 0.4 seconds or something similarly short.

Could this be one of the protection circuits kicking in for some perfectly normal reason, despite there being no error message shown on the display, or is my device broken? This is my first "box mod" type e-cigarette, so I am a newbie at this.

Additional info that might be useful:

I’m using two sets of batteries, both pairs are married, brand new, one pair is Sony VTC5 and the other pair is Sony VTC5a, charged externally with an Xtar VC2 charger. I’m using 70/30 VG/PG juice, the issue occurred on both the ceramic and the clapton coil that came with the kit. I vape in wattage/power mode at 70 watts and I haven’t updated the firmware yet.


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