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Again - TCR changes to Power Mode
Few things I noticed when this happened to me:

Swapping to a different brand of SS316 might help.
I had some SS316 from FT and this did not play nicely with the Cuboid. Picked a different brand of SS316 from FT again, which worked fine.
Later on I used the troubled wire with a manually set coefficient TC without issues. Guess it wasn't as 316 as the label claimed.
You'll prob also note the temp not reaching it's limit (easily). Either how, if you only used one type/brand of SS, worth to try some other brand.
No need to buy the expensive hyped stuff btw. The black&white labelled cheap stuff from FT works for me and costs next to nothing p/ft.

Once the center screw of my atty wasn't tightened anymore, causing incorrect resistance read.
(keep in mind, the changes are very tiny and slight imperfections in connection can has 'massive' impact)
Take your atty apart completely, clean it thoroughly and put it back together properly and tighten everything down.

And lastly, cleaning the 510 connector with a cotton bud and some alcohol or nail polish remover might help as well.




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