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Joyetech RunAbout pod system
[Image: VlhvAsK.jpg]
It's a pod simple pod system designed after a yacht. It’s a mouth-to-lung device.
A 480mAh battery with lots of safety protection built in. It weighs 77.5g and measures 117 x 30.5 x 15.5mm. It comes with a refillable pod attached and a second pod is included in
the package.
The fire button is easy to press with no shakes or rattles. Its very comfortable in the hand and with the 5 click off/5 click on it slips into any pocket for on the go.

[Image: C1KbjDK.jpg]
All the standards that you'll need / just buy your ejuice. Though designed to
Work best with salt liquids I had no issues with free base nic in both 50/50 and 70vg/30pg.

[Image: WTlGzv2.jpg]
I'm not sure what the body is made of but its some kind of metal, not plastic making it very durable.

[Image: jarZz4c.jpg]
The coil is built in to the pod and although refillable it will eventually become disposable.
Just open the stopper plug ,fill, and secure the plug again.
I haven't used mine long enough to know how long before you would have to throw it out.
But I do know that after almost 2 weeks of using it ,the flavour is as good as the first day.
I must add I've been using 2 pods with different juices so I couldn't really say I've used the
same pod the whole time.

[Image: hjErafM.jpg]
After filling just click it into the battery. There are 2 magnets that help keep it in place.
The fit is perfectly snug with no chance of falling out.

[Image: CoMv9rB.jpg]
It charges via usb cable and the indicator light will stay on when charging and go
out when its fully charged.
You have the option of several different indicator light colours.
The RunAbout is available in 6 different pattern choices.

The RunAbout is very simple and easy to use and quite stylish! No need to worry about
changing coils or setting screen menu's, making it great especially for beginners It
produces decent vapor for a MTL device and the flavour IMO is very good. The price range I've found is somewhere between $26 - $32 US .

Personally I don’t like the fact that I can't stand it up, and I'm not a fan of wide mouthpieces. I'm also not a fan of the dark smoky pod colour. I find them very difficult to see my juice level. But those are just personal preferences .

The only issue I really found was after filling I would get a mouthful of juice. After turning it upside down and shaking the excess juice out it vaped great until the next fill up. I'm not sure why it does this after filling because once I give it a couple of shakes it never happens any other time through the life of each refill.

I would surely recommend the RunAbout to anyone needing a stealthy vape or just wanting to make the switch from tobacco cigarettes with the simple tip about the flooding after filling/refilling.

For more information or tutorial's you can visit
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