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eGo ONE Refusal to Honor Warranty of brand new eGo ONE v2 by
I recently purchased an eGo ONE V2 directly from the Joyetech US online store. (I figured that would be the best way to ensure that I got the genuine product and not a clone.)

I read the instructions, charged the battery, primed the coils, loaded store bought e-juice, and tried to vape.

Every attempt to use it results in hissing, popping, and very high temperature output. The metal mouthpiece becomes almost hot enough to cause burns; and even with the plastic mouthpiece the output is HOT. No combination of settings or coils results in proper function. It is like neither regulation method is doing anything more than passing the full battery voltage directly to the coil.

I immediately contacted customer service.
Fourteen business days and twenty emails have resulted in neither refund nor product replacement.

Can anyone suggest a source of help; or have I just been cheated out of forty dollars?



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Refusal to Honor Warranty of brand new eGo ONE v2 by - Stainless - 08-29-2016, 11:00 PM

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