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Repairing the Joyetech Cuboid atomiser short error.
Sounds like my Cuboid, it comes with defective ohm reader. In my case I started to notice it after two months of use. At first the value was like +0.05 to +0.09 and now after more than a year it gets worst +0.15 to +0.19 and ever since its impossible to use any Temp Mode. I have Ohm meter, evic vtc mini, even tried my atty to other Cuboid all reads the same except my device. That's why we need features that we can manually detect the resistance and forcefully manually set it like most newer device in the market.

I think auto features is good but not in most cases because we as humans with brains knew better than a brain less device.


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RE: Repairing the Joyetech Cuboid atomiser short error. - fastblur - 04-18-2017, 09:26 AM

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