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SS 316 L high ohm?
According to my observation with SS316L it has a slow ramp up time. I tested many many self build coils. I'd say 10 wraps when using 28 ga is about the maximum. With too many wraps the center of the coil will get quite hot and may start burning the cotton, while the outsides are still metallic. To avoid that to a degree you could use compacted coils, but then only in Power mode.

I think using SS316L 1.2 - 1.5 ohm is kind of the natural limit, depending on the wire strengths and coil diameter. If you use too thin wire then the coil is hard to build, since SS is softer than Kanthal. You would better use a tank that can handle wider diameter coils.

Actually the Joyetech SS BFF 1 ohm coils vape quite well with a tighter draw, and they can do with 15 W or so. I see there is a huge trend to lowest ohm and big cloud, all the new developments seem fitting into that segment. I wonder what is going to happen with people like us. But 2 ohm would not be my territory either.


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