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Joyetech ULTIMO Atomizer with New MG Series Heads
Joyetech ULTIMO Atomizer with New MG Series Heads

[Image: ULTIMO_Atomizer_01.png]

Joyetech, the common household name in many vaping communities, has brought sub-ohm tanks to a newer level. The Joyetech Ultimo, Joyetech’s latest and greatest device is like no other tank in the Joyetech line with its new MG series replaceable coils. The Ultimo kit comes in four different coils: The MG RTA Head (exclusive of the standard configuration), the MG QCS-0.25ohm head (quick change system) which can be fired from 60w - 80w,  the MG clapton - 0.5ohm head which can be fired from 40w - 90w, and the all exclusive MG ceramic coil - 0.5ohm head which can be used at 40w - 80w.

This is Joyetech’s first coil with extra-large coils, bigger than most coils in the industry - each intended for a different vaping experience. With the new larger coils, changing coils on the Ultimo atomizer will be less frequent because of the thickness of each individual coil, being able to handle and sufficiently disperse heat so that it is not so concentrated in one area - which may cause uneven wear and tear on the cotton.

[Image: ULTIMO_Atomizer_10.png]

The MG Ceramic coil in .05ohm head is quite a unique coil in the Joyetech line. After thousands of prototypes and testing through rigorous standards, Joyetech headquarters perfected the right amount of power and flavor that the MG Ceramic coil can produce. So far, it has created quite a stir amongst the vaping community because of the coil size, and the incredible long-life and pure flavor. Normal coil crackle and pop, known as spitting, and atomizer leakage is not an issue with the Ultimo and MG Ceramic tank at all.

Next, but not last or lesser in innovation are the MG Clapton and the MG Quick Change System coil head. These two offer completely different vaping experiences. The MG Clap offers extremely great clouds because of the close contact the coil has with the e-liquid. The MG Quick Change System (QCS) is intended for flavor connoisseurs in the industry, where flavor is everything. The Notch Coil that is build into the MG QCS system, in layman terms, is quite huge to provide the best possible juice flavor collection and delivery to the user. So far, this is the larger Notch Coil known to man, and users of the Ultimo tank are blessed to have it as a coil option.

Included in some, but not all Ultimo kits, is the MG RTA head, is intended for the vaping enthusiast that have a specific type of coil in mind they would like to use. Although the standard large coils that come with the Ultimo kit is sufficient enough for vapor chasers and flavor lovers, Joyetech wanted to include all possible vaping users.

When it comes to airflow, the Ultimo provides more than enough airflow for those who need a deep inhale. It is also adjustable for those who want a tighter draw to imitate the experience of a cigarette.

The Ultimo tank is an innovative, creative, and exciting tank for new and old Joyetech fans. With millions of users across the world, this tank will appeal to anyone and everyone because of its mutability to each vaper who wants to customize their vaping experience just by changing their coil. The Ultimo Atomizer, for some, may be the ultimate tank for them.


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