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How to reset puff / time counter ?
(08-22-2018, 08:56 AM)CosmicTruth Wrote:  
(08-22-2018, 06:12 AM)tailland Wrote:  Manual doesn't say it, google finds nothing. So how do you do it?

I have to say first off I do not have that device, but I bet it is like the ESPION Solo, click to get to the main menu and click the Cog for settings, then click Sub parameters, your choices will be Puff - Time - Amp, this is the information to be displayed on home screen. Now select the Puff, you need to long press RESET on the SOLO but on your device it may be different.

Let me know if this helps 微笑

There is no reset button or option, but I have found out by trying...

When going into the subpara menu, go to time/puff, then press FIRE+RIGHT for at least 5 seconds, until it goes back into the upper menu. That's when it resets. You have to do this with both, time and puffs, separately.


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