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Beyond Logos! Skinning, Fonts, Themes and Firmware
Getting bored with just swapping out logo's on your joyetech devices.  
Me too, and the logical next thing to mod is the Font and it's not hard with the right tool.
The NFirmwareEditor will work with ALL of joyetech's VT Firmwares and those modded by others.
I'm really happy with my first skin and I would really like to see what all you guys can come up with.

AoE VTC Mini Predator_robo3.0.2



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.zip   AoE VTC Mini (Size: 202.19 KB / Downloads: 206)
.zip (Size: 578.59 KB / Downloads: 117)
.zip   Firmwares (Size: 909.17 KB / Downloads: 89)
.zip   Firmwares (Size: 696.33 KB / Downloads: 79)
From a Mind of Metal, Flowing Electrons

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Beyond Logos! Skinning, Fonts, Themes and Firmware - Axleofevil - 07-13-2016, 01:48 PM

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