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USB Ports & Errors Unknow / Unrecognized Device. Fix & Avoid

Some issues I have encountered while owning and using Joyetech Evic series devices as well as devices built by others:

1)  Unrecognized Device
Threw doing a lot of logo design and then of course testing I put some miles on the poor little micro USB port on my VTC Mini.  Then came the Unrecognized Device error upon connecting my mini, so here's how I got it working again.

First I cleaned the micro USB port using 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.  I buy it in the form of Mopar Brand Brake Cleaner available from Dodge.  Other brands may not be safe for your unit.

Just spray cleaner into the port then blow out with canned air, dries almost instantly.  This is safe for all your electronics (WHILE UN-POWERED) and can also be used to get water out of your Cell Phone or Mod.

Next I tightened the pinch of the Micro USB port by slightly bending the bottom edge of the connector upwards towards the 510 end of the device.  This will put more pressure on the pins of the connector for better contact.

Finally a NEW data capable mirco USB cord.  <<Samsung cords are decent.<<

If you have tried all of this and still a no go.  Your last resort to save your device again runs along side the cell phone.  This time the Doctor, a cellular repair depot may be willing to replace the micro USB connector on your device for a fee.  You'll probably have to hunt for a willing shop and you'll have to decide if it's cheaper than a replacement unit.

2) Unknow / Unknown Device
I actually just encountered this for the first time and the solution was a simple one.  I was using the wrong Update Software,  Having more than one different Joyetech device of the VT Firmware update-able variety.  I made the mistake of assuming they used the same program for updating and logo installation.  They do not, you must download the package for your specific device.  I learned this with my evic VTC Mini and Vtwo Mini's the both use UpdateFirmware.exe v1.20 but neither of them works for both.


3) Micro USB Port Saving Tip!   
This next tip I must admit is a hard habbit to break.
Connect the cord to the mircro USB on the device BEFORE plugging it into a computer or charging source.
A small ARC occurs when connections are made or broken HOT as in with power present, USB ports carry both a 5v and 12v line.  This Arcing blackens the pins and impairs the connection, so by connecting the smaller end first we ensure any arching will happen on the much larger pins of the standard USB connector, saving your device's micro USB port.  This also applies to cellphones.
From a Mind of Metal, Flowing Electrons

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