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Other A serious request for all FIRMWARE
(08-26-2018, 01:43 PM)tailland Wrote:  And here's something that Joyetech could be a pioneer of:

Stop changing Watts settings in 0.1 steps. Seriously!

All firmware manufacturers do that, but no user has ever needed this. There's no discernible difference between setting e.g. 40.0 Watts and 40.1 Watts. None whatsoever. But it takes lots of time for the numbers to change in 0.1 steps and as soon as you keep holding the +/- button, the counting accellerates, and you always miss your target number, which you then have to correct manually (out of orderliness) and waste even more time.

to the JT firmware engineers: Have some courage. Change the Watts settings to 1-Watt steps! A collective sigh of relief in your entire userbase will be your reward :-)

心 ok, we will consider. Thank you for your feedback
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