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Other A serious request for all FIRMWARE
Agree, all good points.
I LOVE my Joyetech ESPION SOLO for its large easy to read touchscreen display, but I think some of the information could be even bigger.
Also some settings are non-intuitive, such as setting the clock. Once the time is adjusted locking the device should fix the time.
Also we have polled here the delay the device should use when displaying temporary information and I still think the display delay is too short, temporary information such as puff duration should be shown at least 10 seconds, possibly 15 seconds! Smok actually does it right, the temporary information stays on the screen until next use.
Menus IMO need to be designed with a top down approach, with a series of questions to the user and an exit option on each screen. for instance: the main menu can ask for mode selection with a selector for Wattage/TCR/TC/Bypass. Then after the selection the device could ask for the options or setting for that mode, so if you set wattage mode the device would display the current wattage and ask the user to adjust it or exit. Or if the user selects TC, the next screen should ask for wire type with the current wire selected, and a store and exit option, if that setting is stored the next screen could ask for Temp, then Wattage, ect. ect. and at any time exit would save the settings. IF TCR is selected the next screen would ask for the resistance setting, then temp, then wattage, then don't forget coil lock. More of a top to bottom menu design.
If Joyetech could do that they would definitely be the best.


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