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Espion only charges batteries to 3.99V
(08-29-2018, 12:31 AM)tailland Wrote:  
(08-29-2018, 12:26 AM)CosmicTruth Wrote:  
(08-28-2018, 11:22 PM)tailland Wrote:  That's one way of seeing something good in something bad...

It's more of another intelligent safety protection built into the Joyetech MODs
? How is this a safety protection to let the batteries charge to 3.99 when they're on a PC's USB2 port, but charge them to 4.2V (still in the mod!) when the same USB cable is plugged to a wall adapter ???

It's not, I agree with Cosmic about the care of such batteries (I use insanely expensive high powered batteries in my TV work) but not that. It is, as I said before a feature of many USB ports on computers that they cannot supply the current required to fully charge a pair of such high capacity batteries. This may or may not be a bad thing, depending on how you wish to care for your batteries.

I have always used ( ie for 42 years using them professionally... they were huge and weighed a ton back then ...) and recommended external chargers for rechargeable batteries; or these days quality intelligent chargers, that cost more, but will care for your batteries better than any mod can.


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