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Beta testing of the RFC RiftCore Duo RWTA
Part #1
Joyetech Beta test of the RFC RiftCore Duo RWTA

[Image: Lco9LwJ.jpg]

RWTA=Re-Wick able Tank Atomizer (heh I made that up). This device is not a RTA (Rebuild able Tank Atomizer), and definitely not an RDA (Rebuild able Drip Atomizer). And because you may get 1 million puffs on the heating elements it’s not a Rebuild able anything. All you may ever need to replace is the tiny cotton pads!  

[Image: iJyBky7.jpg]

This is the latest in vaping technology; it is a Coil Free Tank Atomizer. Well... something similar to this has been tried before but now it has Alien Technology built in! Instead of a coil the RFC RiftCore Duo uses 2 space age heating elements straight from area 51. The power goes through the 2 heating elements, and the cotton wick is sandwiched between them to wick the e-liquid to the heat.  

[Image: o0acZDu.jpg]

The device can easily be re-wicked by opening the empty tank, pull the old cotton out with a pair of tweezers. Clean the deck and dry fire it to clean the heat elements. Then pull a doubled cotton pad from side to side between the heating elements. Adjust the cotton pads so both ends are even with the deck. Drip e-liquid onto the cotton pad to saturate it and screw the tank back together, Once the tank is reassembled you should see the ends of the cotton wick at both of the e-juice inlets. You are now ready to fill the tank and enjoy.    

[Image: VPvIQhJ.jpg]
Note: images of the Beta version, there will be differences from the production version.

The Duo comes with several pre-cut cotton wicks, 1 spare glass, and a package of spare parts that includes 2 O-rings, 2 Grub screws, 1 Allen tool, and a 5 X 18mm Wick Size Guide. Also included are a quick start instruction pamphlet, a warranty card, and a warning card. I'm not sure what will be included with the final version of this tank, I hope they triple the number of pre-cut cotton wick's, because the wicks are all that will ever wear out on this device. I think they even include tweezers in the production version.  

[Image: r07e2dQ.jpg]

This is a promising tank but the pre-production device I tested is (IMO) not quite there. On my device you had to remove the drip tip to slide the top cap to fill position. I'm pretty sure the final production top cap has already been changed as you will see below.    

[Image: NfhSwNP.jpg]
Beta test version

Also some suggestions: I think this device is a perfect candidate for a top airflow design, which would prevent my leaking issues, and keep the juice cooler. I found out on using the tank my leaking issues was from using too little cotton, and it worked great and did not leak with 2 cotton pads.  

[Image: l8xTx5j.jpg]
Final design version

The flavor and vapor production on this tank are both great. It is easy to re-wick so it is great to test different e-liquid flavors. The heat elements seem to last a very very long time, so imagine having a RTA but never having to build another coil. That is what this new design brings. I am told the RFC is made out of a conductive ceramic material and is safer than wire.  

All you will need to replace is the cotton wicking when they discolor and the flavor degrades indicating the cotton needs to be changed.  
Remove the old cotton and heat the RFC with your MOD set to 30W for 3 seconds to self-clean. Let it cool for at least 10 seconds. Repeat the dry burn and cooling cycle a few times until heating elements are clean.  

[Image: GFkIanL.jpg]

1. Dual RFC heating elements instead of a coil, it heats evenly and conducts heat faster than a coil.  
2. Safe heating material that is made in the USA, safety tests are underway by independent US labs.    
3. Easily changeable cotton wicks, providing an extremely economical solution for users.  
4. Self-cleaning by heat, no need to replace the coils like a normal RTA.  
5. RFC coil free system is a revolutionary and effective tank atomizer design.  
6. More efficient at Atomizing the e-liquid, much better flavor and vapor quality.  

[Image: FzR0APa.jpg]

Pre-production Kit Contents:
+ 1 X RiftCore DUO Atomizer  
+ 1 X Package of pre-cut cotton wicks  
+ 1 X Hex Allen Wrench  
+ 1 X Instruction Manual  
+ 1 X Warranty Card  
+ 1 X Warning Card  
+ 1 X Package of Spare Parts, includes: 2 Screws, 1 wrench, 2 O-rings, 1 Cotton size guide
+ 1 X Spare Glass (may not be included in the production version)
+ 1 X Tweezers (was not included in my beta test version)  

  • Atomizer size: 26.0 X 47.0mm (beta 25.0mm w/ +1.3mm knurling X 44.8mm)
  • Weight: 48g empty but wicked and primed 52.3g filled.
  • Capacity: 3.5ml
  • Element spacing: 3.1mm
  • Element length: 7.1mm
  • Element width: 3.6mm
  • Colors: Gold, Black, Blue
  • Applicable with Joyetech the RFC heater elements only

End of part #1


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