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How to install a custom logo image
OK first off you will need the Joyetech firmware updater software for on your PC

and the data cable that was included with your device. Also you will need a 382 byte 64x40 custom logo with a single color palette, any image that is not to these exact specifications will not work.

Start the firmware update program, then plug your device to the usb port on your PC with the data cable. The firmware update program display will change and show the hardware and firmware version of your device. Check your device as it may need to have the firmware updated to use a custom logo. Next click [LOGO] and navigate to your new custom logo. Select it and be sure to click [OK] after the logo is updated.

Note: when you click [LOGO] the device screen will go black, it is important to not unplug your device from the PC until you have selected a logo and clicked [OK] on the logo updated information popup screen, or your device display will stay black.


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