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can i use a tobeco super tank on a joyetech evic vtc mini?
Hi there, i have a mod that a friend built me a few months ago. he moved unfortunatley and i was left with a dripper that i dont know how to maintenance nor have the tools to do so. a local shop recommended the super tank so i bought and used it and love that tank. easy to use and i can buy the coils to screw into them which i prefer. that tobeco super tank i bought still works however a coworker broke my mod and now i need a new one. ive been reviewing different mods such as the kragertech sub mini i think its called and the joytech evic vtc mini. the joytech fascinates me more so i would love to get it but heres what i want to know. can i use that evic vtc mini with the super tank? does anyone know what the super tank will work with? im new to this and i must be typing the questions wrong on google search cuz i cant find a good answer that relates to my ?. i just want to use the super tank i own already with a mod i can find on ebay for around $50 give or take. the krager and joyetech minis look like a good choice. thank you in advance for any helpful info i really appreciate it. have a good one and take care


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can i use a tobeco super tank on a joyetech evic vtc mini? - cdbota82 - 05-11-2016, 12:16 AM

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